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Inside Out Care Corporation accepts youth into our programs by referall from community professionals only.

IOCC Youth Services


Specialized Resource Homes

Inside Out Care Corporation (IOCC) has five residential, 24/7 staffed homes located in Port Alberni, BC for children and youth who may have experienced severe trauma and have significant mental health, addictions and behavioral/cognitive challenges. Persons served are encouraged to develop emotional coping skills and independent living skills. The placements are designed based on individual needs, goals and interests. Our skilled support team strive to ensure safety and are flexible and supportive of our persons served within our residences and the community.

Our newest residential program is called WINGS - Working to Inspire and Nurture Growing Success -

The wings program is committed to providing a safe home for single parents and babies to thrive in. The purpose of this program is to create life-long bonds between parent and babies. We will achieve this goal by mentoring parents through activities of daily living and offer structured programming based on culture, health, wellness and mindfulness, giving them the building blocks for their journey to independent living.

Individualized Service Agreements – Community Outreach Program

IOCC contracts with government agencies to support vulnerable, high risk youth whom do not reside in foster care, these individuals live independently or with family. Our Community Outreach team have creative schedules to support persons served that have been deemed extremely difficult to manage. Our support members help persons served with life skills, court appointments, medical appointments and community activities. Services range from minimal to intensive and are goal specific.


Specialized Day Programs

Our day program services are structured around the following four components; Educational and Social learning, Culture and Community Based Recreation. IOCC provides a one to one activity support worker for an individual who perhaps is unable to attend a public-school facility. The activity worker liaises with the child, family, community, professionals and the government to create and meet individuals’ goals of the service plan. To promote security and predictability a weekly schedule is created. Day Programs can operate 5-7 days a week.


IOCC provides respite care up to 14 days of service for children and youth experiencing significant behavioral, mental health and addiction challenges. Respite service agreements are to provide family a break and rest.

Supervised Family Visits

IOCC provides supervised visits within our agency, between children and families. Visit arrangements are made by the Ministry of Children and Families and delegated aboriginal agency; USMA. This service allows children to access their family members in a safe and structured environment.