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Holding Hands

Our Mission

We empower all persons to feel safe within their environments and to open opportunities to reach individual goals.

Our Vision

IOCC provides excellence in holistic support for each person to reach their unique level of independence.

Core Values


People are our priority. IOCC acknowledges that characteristics, culture, life experiences, knowledge and skills, of the children and youth, families, employee's, and outside service providers embodies IOCC core foundation of our services. 


We ensure that all people feel safe. We build a sense of belonging through fostering trusting relationships that uphold our professional standards as well as individual holistic well-being.


We respect each individuals' experience and have empathy by listening to and validating the journeys that have led them to our care.


We are inclusive and honor diversity while supporting individual needs. We respect every person's contribution and strengths. 


We promote a learning and growth culture that empowers all people to successfully achieve their goals. 


We believe open and honest communication provides opportunities for relationships and trust building. Collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making are valued by IOCC. We promote an open-door policy to ensure transparency and accountability.

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